IFlySpy, a real-time particle tracking software package

Institution: Stanford University

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a software package for automated real time analysis of individual movement trajectories in a video data stream. This software also includes a program to generate efficient data structures for storage of the positions of tracked particles, access to the data, and programs for calculating movement parameters from the raw data. The software was designed for neurobiological research. In this context it includes software for the synchronized generation and control of high-speed presentations of visual stimuli. Additional applications of this technology include video analytics for security, traffic patterns, and personnel movements. We are asking parties interested in commercializing this technology to please contact Stanford OTL by Friday, August 1, 2008. Ongoing Research The developers are continuing to update and customize the software.

Simultaneously track hundreds of objects on pre-recorded videos or live recordings Fast - 100 fold faster than existing commercial solutions Real time analysis - of individual movement trajectories within a population of moving objects Efficient data structures - for storage, access, and manipulation of experimental data

Thomas Clandinin

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psychophysics, security: video analysis, software, tracking, surveillance, video: analysis