Meditation for Everyone

It is not important to be of a particular religion or not in order to practice meditation. It is simply the art of calming the thoughts of the mind and potentially reaching a point of high focus in which the mind does not impede real existence. Much of it has been made out to be more than it is. For most meditation practitioners, it is a way to get some grounding and calmness in an otherwise stressful life. The benefits of meditation for stress are becoming very well known. Perhaps it is time to incorporate some basic techniques into your own life.

If you are already a pro at this, then you do not need these instructions. This is for the rest of us who are just getting started. The first thing to understand is you want to sit in a comfortable, upright posture. Sitting on a meditation pillow or a meditation bench is ideal, but you can also sit in a chair. Place your hands on your lap and leave your eyes gently open. Look ahead about eight feet or so, but don’t focus on anything visually. Relax and then begin paying attention to your breath. Just simply pay attention to the in-flow and the out-flow of your breath.

As thoughts arise, simply regard them as thoughts and come back to the breath. It is that simple. You may not achieve ultimate peace in the beginning. Actually, it may take a long time but this basic meditation practice is actually a formal foundational practice. You can attain great levels of meditation using this simple technique and you can keep your religion. Therefore, it truly is a method of anyone to use at anytime. All you need is your breath and a relatively comfortable sitting position. Then you just follow the instructions. That will be plenty of a challenge enough.