Locating the Right Brace for Your Dogs Leg

If your dog is limping or unable to run they could be suffering from an injured leg. One of the more common ailments these animals experience is a dog ACL tear. This is a painful condition that may require surgery to correct. You will need to speak with your veterinarian to find out whether your dog requires surgery. Even if your dog does not require surgery he/she will require a brace to support their leg while they recover from the dog ACL tear. Prior to you starting to source for these pet related medical aides you should check with your pet insurance provider to find out whether you are covered for these products. If you are covered then find out the proper way to claim your benefits.

Selecting the Right Brace for Your Dog

The initial step is getting the dimensions of your dog so the brace will fit properly. After you have the dog’s measurements you can start reviewing the various braces that are available. 

Identify all of the companies that produce braces for dogs. When you have the names of the companies that make these braces you should find out how many years the company has been in operation. The longer the company has been in business the more legitimate they should be. You should find out whether there are any active product recalls against the company, if there are recalls you can remove them from your list.

After you have identified the companies that have been manufacturing braces for a considerable amount of time you should look at the science behind the brace. There should be case studies conducted that will substantiate the effectiveness of these braces. If you cannot find any studies from reputable 3rd parties then you have to look at the feedback left by other pet owners.

Getting a Great Deal on the Brand-New Dog Brace

dog ACL tear

When you have identified the specific brand of dog brace you are really interested in buying you can start looking for the online vendors that sell them. You will have an extensive list of retailers to choose from so look for those that offer “express delivery”. Your dog is in pain and you need to get the brace as quickly as possible. After you have identified the retailers that offer express shipping you will need to note the asking price being listed by each of them. You want to look for the vendor that has the most competitive price and reputation.

Once you have made the purchase and the brace arrives you will need to place it on your dog. This step will require patience on your end since your dog is in pain they may be unable to hold themselves up while you put the brace on. Do not try to rush things since the dog will be feeling anxious due to the pain of the torn ACL. The sooner your dog gets the brace the better they will feel so begin searching right away.