Brief Introduction To How You Get To Start A Blog For The First Time

By way of introducing complete novices to the exciting and rewarding viral world of blogs, this brief article is also structured just as a standard blog post should look. For the readers’ benefit, and subsequently yours too, the paragraphing structure is uniform and paragraphs are never long. Also, the language register is as unpretentious as possible, giving universal readers every opportunity to comprehend what you are presenting them.

While setting up a blog is really quite easy, as a first-time blogger, it is essential that you spend a fair amount of time researching and developing how you will be processing your first blog and how you would like it to look. And when you go to recommended online tutorial guides like how to start a blog 101, you will see that the learning material and instructional narrative is also modeled as a blog post. Recommended blog post word lengths need to be remarked upon as well.

You can have a post as short as one hundred words. This is ideal if you wish to notify your targeted reading market via the popular social media networks (which you can link your blog to). A recommended word length begins at around two hundred and fifty words. This introduction to recommended learning guides like the above how to start a blog 101 is approximately five hundred words in length.

how to start a blog 101

In the news media environment, the standard and desired word length is around 800 words. If you are a news junkie and would like to make a name for yourself in this area, you can link your appropriately themed blog to leading news media websites in your area. In fact, online blog instructors will be recommending that you do just that. This is also good for your reputation as a citizen blogger whereby you are feeding your discerning readers with further information on the topic or issue you are raising in your post.

Also, this gives you an opportunity to substantiate what you are presenting and proposing to your readers. It also serves as a practical and regular reminder to you to never copy and paste material from other sources. All your written material should always be in your own words whereby you are also expressing your own thoughts, opinions and/or ideas in the context of the subject of your post. This will further enhance your reputation as a blogger.

Furthermore, the above given online learning opportunity example will also be teaching you about the fundamentals of linking your blog posts to other websites. And of course, it will also be providing you with easy to follow step by step guides (usually done chronologically and numerically) showing just how easy it is to link your blog post to other relevant sites. This linking exercise is also an opportunity for you to derive an income from the publishing of regular blog posts in the sense that it improves the prospect of increased web traffic to your blog.